Hydrothol Granular is a popular option for dock and swim areas. Grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella) is native to eastern Asia and has been introduced to North America for controlling aquatic plants in impoundments.With unlimited food, it can grow relatively large and is one of the fastest growing fish species. Chara sp. Hydrilla OR Coontail Moss. Hornwart Stats Care Level: Very easy Water Conditions : 6-7.5 pH, Soft to Very Hard Lighting: Low to high Maximum Size: 2-6 feet. Each of the four types of aquatic plants favors a certain water depth. Common name: Hornwort. ... Chara. Control Time: It controls duckweed in 5-7 days, and submerged weeds in 17-21 days for quick control. Susceptibility of algae may vary due to subspecies, strains or environmental conditions. These include water milfoil, coontail, and spatterdock. However, there is also Hydrilla, American Pond Weed and probably Chara. Description Chara is often called musk grass or skunkweed because of its foul, musky, almost garlic-like odor. Hydrothol 191 Granular: Hydrothol® Granular uses 11.2% concentrated Mono (N, N-dimethylalkylamine) Salt of Endothall, and continues to be a highly effective herbicide/algaecide solution for a variety of aquatic nuisances. Dibrox® herbicide is also a great herbicide for submerged and floating weeds, like duckweed, coontail, hydrilla and mifoil. Florida Triploid Grass Carp. This amount allows the predator fish (bass) to feed efficiently. Most of my experiences with grass carp involved diploid grass carp, which have two sets of chromosomes. Description: Grows underwater with no roots; upper leaves may reach the surface; central hollow stem has stiff, dark-green leaves; plants may be long and sparse, but are often bushy near the tip, giving the plant a "coontail" or "Christmas tree" appearance. Most people are surprised to learn that the grass carp is actually a very big minnow! Western watermilfoil Myriophyllum hippuroides An uncommon native species Typically, however, the growth areas are ... Coontail Ceratophyllum demersum. Navigate is an aquatic granular formulation of 2, 4-D. A granular aquatic herbicide, which selectively controls some of the most troublesome aquatic plants. Chara is a gray-green branched algae that is often confused with submerged rooted plants. Examples could be cattails, coontail and water lilies. As a general rule a lake with about 10% to 20% covered in aquatic vegetation is considered ideal. In fact, many native species are considered desirable, especially since they can provide many benefits such as wildlife shelter and food, fish and fish food organism cover, absorption of undesirable nutrients, soil stabilization and aesthetics. It is a member of the largest group of fishes, Family Cyprinidae, which also includes such well-known examples as the goldfish and the golden shiner. Nitella Nitella spp. Diploid vs. Triploid. Be sure to apply this product when weeds and algae are actively growing. Location: Clear-to-murky water up to 20 feet deep. It is good for treating a variety of weeds, such as milfoil, hydrilla, elodea and more. Chara has no flower, will not extend above the water's surface, and often has a grainy or crunchy texture due to calcium deposits on its surface. If you have a common lake weed, such as milfoil, hydrilla, coontail, curly-leaf pondweed, etc., you may want to consider the following granular options for your treatment plan. Chara is a genus of charophyte green algae in the family Characeae.They are multicellular and superficially resemble land plants because of stem-like and leaf-like structures.They are found in freshwater, particularly in limestone areas throughout the northern temperate zone, where they grow submerged, attached to the muddy bottom. Hornwort (Ceratophyllum demersum), also known as Coontail, is a fast growing, aquatic flowering plant.It is commonly found in marshes, streams and lakes in North American and has been naturalized in parts of Europe. Hydrothol Granular. Introduction. Parrotfeather Myriophyllum aquaticum.