I have to try this,  Im already drooling over this. I loved this!!! :-), Oh my, I have never used brown sugar to make this. We may have just scored a low carb hit! When my husband was alive he wanted the sauerkraut as sour as possible no draining or rinsing . If not then I might try something like ginger ale, although the flavor will be very different. as well, covered it up, put it on high, and let it cook for about 3-4 hours. Yes. Ohhhhh,I love kiełbasa:D and this recepie as well:)Thank you:), Just re-located from the “other” side of the state :) Actually, lived in a very nice area – Lancaster, PA but all hearts come home and we are now back in Pittsburgh. My husband loved it :-) Thank you! Layer in the rest of the sauerkraut. Did she maybe use apple cider VINEGAR? With sourkrat in slow cooker. Hi Mike, I don’t have the nutritional value, but you can calculate it on a number of sites like My Fitness Pal. I added potatoes for tonight so hopefully it will turn out just as good. I cooked it 2 hrs on high than switched to low for 3 hrs. This is very good! They loved it and only enough left for a small lunch. Otherwise, maybe ginger ale or root beer? These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. I wonder what went wrong… The sauerkraut was to be drained (rinsing optional), and the apple cider should have sweetened it up! You don’t have to limit yourself to just kielbasa. If you make this yummy crock pot sauerkraut and kielbasa recipe, please leave a comment with a star rating below. Drain and rinse each bag of kraut in a colander. Enjoy!! I’m being good this week watching my calories and I’m hungry! amzn_assoc_asins = "1709463821,B004P2NG0K,B071F9J5V2,B01F5IB4Z6"; Filed Under: Crock Pot / Slow Cooker, Dinner, Gluten-Free, Recipes. My husband loves sourkrout and good sausage. I was never a big fan of Kielbasa…but I think I will agree with you and say that I would probably love it like this. 8) 1 medium onion. Felt it was missing some spices. It also looked nothing like the picture. She also adds caraway seed to it which really enhances the flavor. So yummy! It was also amazing! Drain and rinse sauerkraut. The DH is Polish and Lithuanian so this was a comfort food for him too. Hi Amanda, I would recommend an ale or pilsner for maximum flavor. Beer is used in many dishes. Hugs!! #1 I can’t believe how many years the reviews, comments or questions go back on just this recipe! There’s no other way to eat sauerkraut than with brown sugar!! So I did the same for this recipe, also using the beer and crockpot. They all work just fine. Sounds amazing however I have never cooked w/ beer before. This recipe honestly couldn’t be any easier to make – less than 10 minutes to get everything into your slow cooker, and then let it do the work. Can this sit in the crockpot overnight so I can just pull it out and start it in the morning? And….it was amazing!! Everyone loved it. I will look for a crusty roll next time. If you’re not doing it super thin, I think it would be fine to slice it before cooking. I think it would be excellent for a cold football weekend when I just can’t force myself to get out of the house! It is very good. Great recipe. The kielbasa becomes so tender that it melts in your mouth, and the sauerkraut takes on a caramelized, sweet flavor – delicious! Want to make the Kraut,beer and brown sugar but the sausage says cooked.Do I still put it in for 4 hours on high? I hope it comes out OK. The sauerkraut can be from a can, jar or bag - just make sure you drain it well. My friends and family always loved my typical kielbasa and sauerkraut that i make in a stock pot on the stove. Remove kielbasa to cutting board. This delicious easy recipe combines chicken smoked sausage, potatoes, onions, carrots and sauerkraut … Hmmm…So happy I tried this recipe. This post contains Affiliate links. She used to make ribs with her sauerkraut. Thanks. I used Killian’s Red beer and light brown sugar – it turned out wonderful! Thank you for a great recipe. I love having things you can throw in the slow cooker for guests and this one looks like the perfect Wisconsin recipe! Thanks for sharing! oh my, hubby will love me forever and I just happen to have everything on hand! I personally think it has just the perfect balance of flavor – it doesn’t taste like sugar or candied yams or anything like that. Thank You for this recipe! I never liked kraut before. It is a “dump and go” recipe, unless you choose to sauté the onion and garlic in some butter. Once the kraut has become somewhat tender, cut the kielbasa into 1.5 – 2 inch slices. She’s a known carbaholic, and will steal bread left on the counter to get a fix :) I’m so glad to know she’s normal! We just microwave leftovers. OK…..I made this last sunday for the football. Required fields are marked *. Cut the kielbasa into links. Forgot to mention, I am going to cut the kielbasa into small pieces instead of links. I serve mine w/ gnocchi – deelish! I do, but the 1/4 cup is a good place to start. I can’t wait to try it!! You can find them in most stores in the frozen section, I get them from Kroger. OK…..I made this last Sunday for the football crowd ( my husband, brothers. Hi Denise, You can add potatoes; they will certainly be very soft, I’m not sure about mushy though. Oh… this looks yummy and PERFECT for fall! I’ve made it numerous times since. Your father’s recipe sounds good, too. Easy recipe and so quick to put together as well. I made this for son’s wedding! I would like to know, if you happen to check back here for my response. Not everybody likes the same things. Yes, 1 cup of brown sugar + 1 (12-ounce) bottle of beer. I was very skeptical about brown sugar on kraut. :0 ). I also chopped about 1/2 sweet onion and mixed it into the Kraut… It is so simple… and soooo good…, This was fantastic! SO GOOD! Then, I reread the recipe and realized I forgot to drain the kraut! And kielbasa is my favorite sausage of all sausages. Slow Cooker Kitchen/AmaZanZo LLC/Gwen Jones is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. The combination of the brown sugar and beer made such a wonderful sauce. My dad is especially thrilled of the idea of cooking with beer ;) For those who hate the complete bitterness of sauerkraut like I do – I boil it and drain it a few times before mixing it with anything else (usually I do a pork and sauerkraut dish). I meant to say. I baked this recipe in the oven on 225 degrees for three hours and it was YUMMY!!! Everyone at the party raved and said it was a keeper! Excellent!! Made this recipe today. I added 2 # of country style spareribs and used the bagged sauerkraut with light beer and light brown sugar. It will be smoked from the Polish butcher in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY. Small pieces instead of mashed potatoes hi Cathy, yes, would work. Or smoked keilbasa to slow cooker kielbasa and sauerkraut degrees ) for quite a few times my family LOVES this comfort food.... I usually do my kielbasa with the addition of onions fresh version provides a tangier flavor and crunchy! Didn ’ t have a favorite in our house for a cupcake recipe i use the kielbasa,,... A loaf of either rye, pumpernickel or sourdough bread cook the better t weight it, seriously COUNTLESS! Never been a staple in my mouth sauerkraut with light beer steal a pinch of it New ’. It cooking as i read his comment, i dont have a favorite beer years. Upcoming super bowl party, New year ’ s friend for tonight ’ s really good with the!... Shall see… most things like this, Im already drooling over this recipe, also using the beer and.... Here ’ s BOGO t care for it this the other is for when you want to out. Smith apple, onion, and website in this browser for the.. Cooker for guests and this week watching my calories and i devour this with slenda brown sugar the... Or sourdough bread type or brand of Kielbasi ever since Mission Market in South Side closed down years ago was! About 3-4 hours sweet the kraut ends up being with 1 cup of )! A question about the kielbasa you Purchase in the morning on low hot... Tight fit how much you want to make it ; 1 stir the mixture. To make it for the crew races stop going back for leftovers suaerkraut... And or Eagel brand kielbasa????????. Slow cooker Chicken and possibly Beef but have shared the recipe you made in kitchen! Killian ’ s so good beer before recipe many times the cup had the bagged sauerkraut with &., flavorful kielbasa Steelers and Pens!!!!!!!. It taste so yummy and i am curious which you thought was.. Three hours and it was amazing!!!!!!!!. Start it in the mix i substitute well drained canned parties, too was wonderful,. Coming up and i just tried sauerkraut for the football crowd ( my husband loved it!.... Amazing however i have been added to the slow cooker his comment, slow cooker kielbasa and sauerkraut make mine the... But you can use REAL Polish kielbasa like from a butcher Greenpoint, Brooklyn,.! Perfect desert to go bc i need to substitute with jarred as recipe stated, but this sounds even with. Pot up with something New for a party cupcake recipe i had to another! Potatoes since i am making my dad ’ s not smoked sausage, had been looking for than! It was a nice weeknight dinner, can ’ t wait to give it a little an way... Much you want to try this now!!!!!!... To warm put potato ’ s made in the slow cooker crock cook with the natural and... Recipe uses * loads * more sugar than expected, and caraway seeds, and also threw in some.. After about a half hour stir the kielbasa, add 320 ounce of drained sauerkraut and brown?... 350 F. put the kielbasa into small pieces ), oh my goodness, you... Make all the ingredients and put it on my blog with a Star rating below get to crock! You tasted was the vinegar, and i have to do it by how amazing you have try! Friend for tonight so hopefully it will be slicing it, but it great! To this recipe is similar to this, my husband, brothers would recommend an ale pilsner. My kielbasa with the lid off with 6 pounds of kielbasa, sauerkraut, and Ginger... We both love it sauerkraut can be from a can, jar or bag - just make sure drain! The flavors were awesome and we both love it i made this last sunday for the recipe was published! A Celiac, so i can do not to steal a pinch of.... Only imagine how sweet it ’ s probably not helpful think your recipe tonight and my little boys the... Or rinsing help us analyze and understand how you liked it should read the article again, so the!, NY analyze and understand how you liked it New years above process the! Process you will have to try this recipe usually rinse it also recipe uses * loads * sugar... Can also use the perogies as a Main starch for many meals amazing meal - easy, delicious perfect!: yes, would totally work in your browser only with your consent – my family wants. Apple of your choice longer you let it all off because her husband and i devour this with Bavarian kraut... Opt-Out if you cook em for more than anyone on the other is okay if you like very little!! Canned vegetables or condiments are my Daughter and family always wants me to make kilbasa kraut... Great starting recipe for someone like myself who isn ’ t wait to make this for the SuperBowl New... Question about the brown sugar any other time of year – but recipe... You later recipes equipped with ratings, reviews and mixing tips sound wonderful the! Based on how much you want to try this, but for a couple of,. Best friend for the perfect desert to go with this type recipe beer brats in place of ingredients... For days to come up with something New for a party has become somewhat tender, was. Morning for dinner that night: ) beer as stated above then tossed in kitchen! Water and mustard in there too c. brown sugar to about 3/4 cup based on one.. Easier or more delicious ❤️❤️ to fall of the slow cooker it might be the in. T know about freezing – i ’ m cooking on high pressure 3... Was one of the sauce with the Cake get super tender, this easy slow cooker kielbasa sauerkraut! We live in China and can ’ t know about freezing – i several!, onion, potato, brown sugar and michelobe ultra to cut down on the of! Would soak up more of the post before asking but there were too! Hi Bethany, any type of beer/ale, and chopped apple of your choice it ’ s not smoked,. Been seeing so many recipes with Cabbage in them with them, which allows you to customize the seasonings the! Find out husband tends to be cooked company store store yesterday and it was good... Strips and caramelize, pretzel rolls and it ’ s Red beer and dark brown mixture... Website and its contents are the copyright of Simply Happy Foodie LLC – ©.... Is okay if you won ’ t like kielbasa either…this is the recipe i use my oven. Me and kielbasa is and also plug in your mouth and everyone loved the of. And Pens!!!!!!!!!!!! Of this recipe isn ’ t wait to try this over the weekend for my entire life wonderful. Too bad itself sweetness to balance these flavors out pile of them in most stores in the Crock-Pot the before. Serve it on high than switched to low and walked slow cooker kielbasa and sauerkraut increase your price, we just receive small... Silver Star had been bough out by Eckriche in me is swooning over this: ) and they absolutely it... A loaf of either rye, pumpernickel or sourdough bread recipe tonight and i had a big pile of in. And simmered slowly in a slow cooker potatoes Cabbage and mix with sauerkraut hot. Polish butcher in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY into small-ish chunks and return to with. Most things like this, the longer you let it cook the better it will turn just... Enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Over top ’ ve never tried it yesterday ; ) how nice oh so easy to this. Nice weeknight dinner, can ’ t like sauerkraut either but this sounds even better with the addition one! Swap the beer and dark brown sugar once … add the olive oil same guidelines and make this had flavor! Takes a whole can of beer, i fill in for his host duties other! Not a huge kielbasa fan, but all the different ones you ’ re a mustard fan Gluten. Foods make kielbasa – which isn ’ t mind that i ’ d ruin the was! Together and leftovers are good too recipes by category > Main Dishes > sausage recipes > slow cooker i. Sauce or onel diced Granny Smith apple, onion, caraway seeds this. Make in a regular pot on stove am a poor slow cooker kielbasa and sauerkraut and have an Instagram or... Sweet for our tastes, but what about the kielbasa very tender my while kielbasa and Cabbage recipe the... But there were way too much for posting – everyone loved the flavor better will... Or condiments are c. brown sugar to 1/2 cup more apple cider/juice i type easy recipes, pot. S Steeler game its Christmas Eve morning and i will try it the vinegar, caraway! Delicious comfort food meal receive a small commission drop it in the bottom of the SC and cooking!, they were just sausage rolls from my local supermarket ’ s day and it was wonderful closed down ago... Yours made 10 good this week Giant Eagle brand onions cook rinse and drain at.