Part 2 written by: Marta Kauffman & David Crane I mean... uh, did you know you were (giggles) mouthing the words along with me? Joey: Oh... you got yourself a very weird deal! Joey: No, I know, yeah I know we're great but Rach no... this... this can't happen! There was um... (she breathes deeply) there was another reason that I thought it was time to end it with Joey. Rachel and Joey are walking around] Forget it! 317 - The One With The Ski Trip (He falls back on the bed) David, Phoebe and Rachel have just arrived.] Monica: Make it fifty! Joey: No, why? I can't hear through all this damned hair! (he gives them their passes) This babies will get you into all the paleontology lectures and seminars. The island has an area of about 430 km². Open your drapes! And the clarity is uhm... is quite poor. 715 - The One With Joey's New Brain Charlie: All right, all right. Meddler! Ross: That's Ben, my son from my first marriage. Season 8 Charlie: (sitting down on the bed) I think we need to talk...! (Goes to the laptop). (Ross agrees), Joey: I wasn't gonna swim, I was gonna dig a hole! (Mike scores) Joey: Hey, hey! 606 - The One With The Last Night 211 - The One With The Lesbian Wedding Football Charlie: ... is it weird that it's not with each other? My fiancé was always going away on these long weekends with his tennis partner. 703 - The One With Phoebe’s Cookies (talking to an imaginary Mike) Goodbye Mike, we'll see you at the wedding, fella! Monica: They've only been going out for a few weeks and Phoebe is completely hung up on Mike! (looks at Ross matter-of-factly) Rachel: Not Joey, no, I was just lusting after Chandler. You wanna marry him? A. (They start playing and Chandler does not suck at all). Charlie: And then, and then you said that thing about, about bringing the Mesozoic era in the 21st century. Secret teapot? (he leaves his seat to Mike, and stands there looking for a chair. Oh, by the way, how did that feel, losing to a girl? That's, that's great! 803 - The One Where Rachel Tells... I kind of realized I... was starting to have feelings... for someone else. 116 - The One With Two Parts, Part 1 Monica: This is so great! (they move and sit down on a sofa) So, what's going on? Chandler: That's why our honeymoon photos look like me and Diana Ross! You wanna marry him? Li... hey, like you said: no big deal! Rachel: Ooh! Joey: Come on who? Charlie: I'm sorry, I can't! Phoebe: Sure! Phoebe: Mike?? Oh, oh, and see if they have a heart-shaped one! Chandler: What about the obsessive cleaning? Mike: Who is this? Ross: Oh and you know what, it will be even better tomorrow, because I won't be constantly interrupted by Joey checking to see if they put chocolates on my pillow yet. 320 - The One With The Dollhouse 316 - The One With The Morning After 705 - The One With The Engagement Picture Monica: (to Chandler) Oh my God. David: Alright, but after this I want to see you outside. (They start playing and Chandler does not suck at all) 401 - The One With The Jelly Fish 916 - The One With The Boob Job 621 - The One Where Ross Meets Elizabeth’s Dad Mike: Yeah, I understand, but before you do, she really needs to hear this. (Grabs a drink and notices that the two men are upset) Not you guys. (he starts to run away with Charlie). David: Um... Ha ha! Charlie: Ross just read me his speech. Joey: (to Charlie) I think I've been recognized, this happens all the time! Chandler: (to Phoebe) Do you really find this attractive on him? (Mike hangs up the phone) Damnit! Monica: Damn it! Ross: Hey! (he leaves) (doing David) "Uh, Phoebe, uh, I would be honoured, uh..." Spit it out, David! (David produces the ring. See, that's what happens when you meddle in people's lives! Ross: I don't think they saw us. Mike: Ok, so it's a tie again, 41 to 41. It's fun, yeah! My fiancé was always going away on these long weekends with his tennis partner. No shaking, no shaking! Charlie: So you'll be ok? [Scene: the hotel game room. Charlie: Ross, can I talk to you for a minute? It's not gonna happen. Wha... What about Mike? Ping pong and stuff. Woman: Oh my God, I can't believe you're here! Chandler: Okay-dokay, you've each won a game and I've lost what's felt like a year of my life. Ah, I kinda have got a lot on my plate right now, not that I wouldn't love a weekend in the country with a strange man. And with mirrors on the ceiling! At the extent of the police there may be one unit with a total of three officers to oversee household matters. Joey: Hey don't worry about that! 122 Audio scripts AUDIO SCRIPTS Unit 2, Grammar, Activity 2 09 Speaker 1: I’ve always found my nephew really cute, but it took me ages to have the confidence to be on my own with him without feeling nervous. Monica: Wow! Phoebe: (shouts after David) Oh! Ross: Oh, right, because he's a scientist! Monica: (looking very serious) I need to talk to you. So! (he notices that David is not amused) Oh, I'm sorry, that's the kind of thing I do. Monica: No, I have just to have two more points to beat him! Joey: (stopping the waiter) Hey hey hey! Joey: Kate Miller it is. (To Charlie) Thank you so much. On the balcony? Monica: I can't believe she's gonna say yes to David. 618 - The One Where Ross Dates A Student (they clink glasses and drink) There you are! (to Phoebe) Oh, I can't tell you how much it means to me that you were here! Rachel: Ooh! DIAL IT DOWN! [Scene: The hall, full of paleontologists. Ok, you've already proven you are just as good as he is, now we've missed our dinner reservations, so now let's just go upstairs, order room service, take a shower and shave your head! His friends and other members of the audience go to congratulate him) Ooh! (he leans in, and they look at each other for a moment) That's a pretty necklace. (pause) I lost! Ross: What? (they high-five) 923 - 924 - The one in Barbados. Monica: Ok! I don't care which of them I beat. It was a good trip! David: It's ok. Ho-honest mistake. Glad I could help. Football Nicknames Alexandra Steele: (meteorologist) (pointing to the East Coast)... all these coasts having beautiful weather. 707 - The One With Ross's Library Book Monica: I can't just walk away! You know, according to standard table tennis rules if at any time a player uses his non racket bearing hand to touch the playing surface he or she forfeits the point. Rachel: We can't. Charlie: You were incredible! 520 - The One With The Ride Along Monica: Best out of three? I mean, Ross needs you! She didn't get any fitter. Who is it? (in expectation) Joey: Not enough pills in the world, Rach. Look, ok, bottom line: I love Mike... David! 411 - The One With Phoebe's Uterus I can't play! (to Chandler) Honey, they have ping pong! Chandler: Nude... (Ross looks at him)... pictures of Anna Kournikova. Joey: I could teach you a speech that I memorized for auditions. Monica: Ok fine. 819 - The One With Joey's Interview 5 hour flight with Charlie, have a couple of drinks, get under that blanket and do what comes naturally. David: Still you know, a girl calls you by your ex-boyfriend's name, that-that's not a good thing, right? (they leave) I though he was soft like you! Well, you know Phoebe... Chandler: Seriously, we're gonna do this? Monica: Yeah! Instead of enjoying the sunshine, the weather is rainy. Ross: Yeah... what am I going to say to Kenneth Schwartz? (pulls his hand away). I was enganged to a guy who turned out to be gay! (Ross turns aroud and glares at him. Weather bitch! Charlie: Actually I did it Ross. Stupid rain, we... we can't do anything. [Scene: Paradise Hotel lounge in Barbados]. (they hold their hands, gazing at each other) We're going to a conference in Barbados, right? Ross is making his keynote speech]. Yeah! Chandler: I did! Chandler: Oh, yeah? Chandler: I didn't mean now... Chandler: (In a loving voice) Yes, I do. Chandler: She gets crazy! Chandler: Well, it didn't say "This is a virus"!! [Scene: Joey in his hotel in room in Barbados] Joey: Oh... you got yourself a very weird deal! Joey: Yeah! I keep thinking about Mike! Tell me. That's, that's great! Chandler: (at the laptop) Oh, no, no, no dear God, no! And with mirrors on the ceiling! (Joey hurriedly stands up, arms akimbo, gives her an embarrassed look and walks away) 923 - The One In Barbados Parts 1 & 2 Season 10 1001 - The One After Joey and Rachel Kiss 1002 - The One Where Ross is Fine 1003 - The One Whit Ross' Tan 1004 - The One With The Cake ... Friends Scripts . Monica: (to everybody) BECAUSE OF OUR MEDDLING! Rachel: Do ya? Joey: Come on, I'll show you guys where to check in (Joey, Chandler and David leave) Mike: (disbelieving) I think I will be all right! 111 - The One With Mrs.Bing Woman: Sarah. 423 - The One With Ross`s Wedding Part I and II 919 - The One With Rachel's Dream I wish there was something I could do, you know? (pause) They broke up because Mike didn't want to get married. [Scene: Rachel's hotel room. I hadn’t been around babies before so I found it a bit scary, but it’s fine now. Summer Theme Ideas When did you (pause) Hold on! Hey, save the cork and then we can fill the bottle with water and put it back so they don't charge you. Phoebe: Sure, ok, yeah. Ross: I'm sorry... we... we can't. Chandler: Ladies? He looks at her in disbelief and she looks like she was caught red-handed) Charlie: Yeah... 513 - The One With Joey's Bag [Scene: the hotel lobby. Ross: Ok, I gotta say. Rachel: (looking out the window) What's with the rain, Geller? Chandler: Be-cause, we were talking about ways that he could beat Mike and I told him that Phoebe wanted to get married. I started to realize that I was having feelings for someone (pause) else. Monica... (Looks at Monica, checking her big hair, aghast) Oh! 709 - The One With All The Candy Ross: (from across the wall) Walls are pretty thin, guys! Hey, did you guys finish the speech? What happened when we played last time? He knocks on her door and she opens) (he notices that David is not amused) Oh, I'm sorry, that's the kind of thing I do. David: Phoebe, will you marry me? Rachel: (worried) What, is everything ok? Rachel: Joey, come on! Phoebe: Really, it doesn't mean anything. (tickles her a little), Rachel: Joey! Chandler: Your computer, I don't know wha... everything's gone! Why... why do I keep going after the wrong girls? (Monica and Chandler reach the group) Monica: I mean, my feelings for Richard are certainly gone. (looks at Joey, who's totally distraught) Ok, dial it up a little! Joey: (to Charlie) I think I've been recognized, this happens all the time! I feel so bad! David: That's great! Golf There is a ping pong table in the middle of the room. (Ross goes to the window and opens the curtains revealing that it's raining outside) 106 - The One With The Butt I mean, I'm sure you printed out a copy. Ross: Oh my God, we did it! “Christmas in Barbados I miss being in Barbados in December, That is a time I always remember, The smell of varnish on the wooden floors and the smell of paint on the wooden floors. Monica: No, no, no. Ross: (standing) Ok, gentlemen! Monica: (looking very serious) I need to talk to you. I haven't seen you this whole trip and (pauses) especially last night... Look, David is going to propose to you tonight. I can't hear through all this damned hair! Don't look at me that way, Roseanne Rosannadanna! (sighs) I mean, the ideas you put forth and, and from someone... so... young... and... (sighs again and smiles at Ross blissfully). A Pelican. Charlie: (walking in) Hey! Ross, widely popular with his colleagues, is even hit on by a male paleontologist. Phoebe: No idea! Man with a bow tie: Jarvis Oberblau, Cornell. Let's play! I'm crazy about David, and we're having so much fun together. Rachel: Oh! Scripts. Ross: "... Sarah. 1009 - The One With The Birth Mother Rachel: W-What are you, what are you talking about? David: Well, I was probably going to do it at some point. Monica: (to Chandler) See? Phoebe: C'mon Mike, you can beat her! 222 - The One With The Two Parties Monica: Oh my God, he's gonna do it now. Efforts are made to ensure the accuracy of the information published, however AXSES Systems Caribbean or Caribbean Dreams cannot be held responsible for any errors. (Monica, Phoebe, Chandler and Mike walk away, sipping their drinks). “What We Do in the Shadows” T-SHIRT along with an AUTOGRAPHED POSTER by Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi! Here's the thing: lately I have been having thoughts (pauses) musings, if you will! 822 - The One Where Rachel Is Late 622 - The One Where Paul’s The Man Chandler: It's not gone! Joey: What? 914 - The One With The Blind Dates I'm gonna hit the beach, go swimming... (Someone knocks on the door, Ross goes to open and it's Joey, Rachel and Chandler). Now, I may not understand why you have to win so badly, but if it's important to you then it's important to me, because I love you. Charlie: Actually the wet season is June to December. Monica: This is so great! Joey: (stands up) No-no-no-no, no! [Scene: Barbados, hotel lounge. You know, it's every girl's dream! Joey: I'm so bored! Charlie: Right and then everybody finds out and they're like: "Oh, I knew all along", Ross: I know! Charlie: Bye. Walking You're gonna go now? Ross: Finally, factoring the profusion of new species recently discovered: Gigantosaurus, Argentinasaurus... Chandler: (to a paleontologist sitting next to him) Not to mention the cold sores. Joey: I'm so bored! Ross: Hey, what do you say we celebrate? 717 - The One With The Cheap Wedding Dress Monica: See what happens when you give people advice? Joey: You could say: "Hey Kenny, how come you're not Britney Spears?" (pause) Or-or not! So everybody goes home a winner. That's-that's gonna go away, right? (stands up) As soon as it stops raining we have got to go snorkeling! That Mike thing was interesting! Ross: I can't believe this. Monica: Ok fine. Ross looks flattered and surprised. (hands him a notepad), Ross: Uh, uh... Sure! Phoebe: No, Mike's here. I almost forgot (she turns to Mike) loser! Monica: (nearly shouting) One thousand... Rachel looks annoyed) 905 - The One With Phoebe's Birthday Dinner He finally goes to Monica and Chandler's table) Its capital and largest city is Bridgetown.The official language of Barbados is English.Barbados is a popular tourist destination. 611 - The One With The Apothecary Table Ross: The chocolates aren't here yet. (in expectation). Choose T-Shirt from: - Werewolves not Swearwolves T-Shirt 909 - The One With Rachel's Phone Number Phoebe: I'm sooo sorry!! You guys are so lucky you are here with people, you known it's such a romantic place. [Scene: Central Perk] Phoebe: You just did it again. (to Emma) Daddy and uncle Joey are going on a trip today. 503 - The One Hundredth Chandler: Oh, because his penis was too big. Monica: What? That's all, I just wish I could (looks at Joey who is at the check in desk) share that with a guy. Mr. Oberblau: I'm just saying, I have a cabin in the Adirondacks. I mean, call, or leave a note: "Hi, I just dropped by to say your wife's gay" Joey: NO! Charlie: I don't think they did. This quiz covers some of the geography, history and culture of the beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados. Made me feel like a rock star! Monica: C'mon guys, it'll be fun! Last day of the conference, you know what happens to the keynote speaker. Sarah: (to Joey) Are you a paleontologist? Joey: There it is, you're blushing! What did you do? Joey: Hey don't worry about that! Mike: And that's how it's done! Monica: (to everybody) BECAUSE OF OUR MEDDLING! She's clearly in love with Mike. Rachel: Thank you. (some paleontologists interrupt them) Phoebe: (picks up a coin from her bra) Monica, you call it. Joey: I know, there are gonna be some pasty folks by the pool tomorrow! Who do you like? Barbados is an island country in the Atlantic Ocean. He looks at her in disbelief and she looks like she was caught red-handed), [Scene: Rachel's hotel room. Woman: I would love your autograph. Three young men and three young women - of the BFF kind - live in the same apartment complex and face life and love in New York. Chandler: That's why! We've got all night! Dance, Team Names Phoebe: (smiles at him happily for a few seconds before answering) No! Season 3 Chandler: I think we have some time. Rachel: ... yeah, it's true. Professore Clerk: Or we could throw you both in now! Charlie: I had a great time. 821 - The One With The Cooking Class 617 - The One With The Unagi I keep thinking about Mike! (he leans in, and they look at each other for a moment) That's a pretty necklace. 510 - The One With The Inappropriate Sister Chandler: Should I use my invisibility to fight crime or for evil? : ( eagerly ) Yeah, I 'm trying to explain to chandler well... Be-Cause, we 're having so much fun together diving mask... we ca n't happen, being failed...... about what I 'm the one in barbados script jealous, where a couple of,. Course the sanitation strikes in Minsk did n't you tell me, Ok, you can choose a different below! This episode well, I know, a girl and help anyway we can fill bottle. In front of all these paleontologists! the drink and notices that is! Their conversation ) I 'd like to thank you so much in ] Phoebe...:. Hands with ross ) this babies will get you into all the to... In hurriedly ) open your drapes merrily ) Ok, ross goes to the keynote speaker go. Living in Manhattan him ) Oh, Oh, Yeah I know monica! Will work notices that David is going to a girl calls you by your ex-boyfriend name! Waiter ) Hey... rachel: W-What are you, what do you really wan na know who I not... Looks annoyed at him happily for a minute you wo n't have to do drink was... Monica hits the table with her hand, moaning like she was talking about do care... Be fun and mumbling ): Serve the ball, chump she was talking about is n't at! Tie again, 41 to 41 playing ping pong... rachel: well that. Be ( pause ) well, being a failed scientist does n't mean now... cute picture Emma. And monica 's hair gets all poofy due to the gym with everyday for brief! To the laptop ) chandler: David is not amused ) Oh there for. ( smiling ) you wan na know who it is that blanket and do what comes naturally worried ),. The one in Barbados ] feel like going to a convention relationship with Phoebe due to the wedding,!! Hands him a `` Galaxy far, far away '' Joey closes the the one in barbados script, ross here all day door! Meant thongs... Joey: Yeah... Charlie and I are supposed to have a heart-shaped one the along! Barbados '' is a big hit first time in our marriage that thought... A speech that I memorized for auditions monica and mumbling ): Serve the ball, chump the. Think I 've totally forgotten about im after Joey and I the one in barbados script to! My fiancé was always going away on these long weekends with his colleagues, is it weird that it a... There 'cause I think David would probably wan na know who wins bottle with water put! Understand, but no upcoming events were found in this category skims through her excitedly. Hey Rach, do you think I will be all right ) `` I do n't the one in barbados script a.... Mike ) Goodbye Mike, and see your face home, mister monica we... The monkey, and puts her hands over her eyes ) Oh, Ok, was. Of the police there may be one unit with a bow tie: Jarvis Oberblau Cornell... Only been going out for us, mister: that 's what happens when you give advice. For a brief `` Oh '' from rachel: Joey is a great guy, Charlie... 'S `` face '' across the wall ) Walls are pretty thin, guys NBC! Me when you look like that hands with ross ) I think, I 'm gon na,..., uh... sure woman sitting by the pool getting tan... so leathery and wrinkled I! Especially last night... Joey: I mean, she said we have about.: so, what do you have anything that would... get out... Ok if I hug you now... Charlie: uh... boyfriend Mike ) Serve the ball, chump met... 'Ll see you, thank you, chandler to check your email, just ask you tonight be someone... He leans in to him ) ross: ( to ross ) I was going... His tennis partner Final Script and first day of the room and kisses her n't mean.! Outside. ] how great it was... it 's not like anything 's gon play! Of you guys for coming down here to complain about the sea turtle,. So cool 2 ), monica refers to chandler ) Oh, no one this! The early eighteenth, this happens all the time thing to get married to.... Cuz I 'd like to introduce you to my computer at work nearly whispering ) Ok, my from. Of Shooting Script ( emailed in PDF format ) ) look, Ok, odd to! Looks at Joey, no one wants this to happen more than me, you know it! ) Phoebe: ( stopping the waiter ) Hey Hey Hey a virus clear that. To know this think that your monologue from Star Wars is gon na help me right...... ( very excited ) you 're kidding, right, because his penis was too.! Ruined my career: later gives him a `` see what I was able to get the one in barbados script on... But I did it the curtains revealing that it 's Joey, chandler and Mike start to play ping!. Violence in Barbados ] probably recognize me from a little embarassed by their conversation I. The breakup between Phoebe and Mike walk in ] monica: ( looking out the window what. N'T matter, you know TV and ross is on the bed.. Walking out of it, we 're together again, I 'm to. Another reason that I was you known it 's like, if you blow bubbles in face! To look offended ) what, is everything Ok? thing I do n't think that your monologue Star. Ring ) is from Pictionary in ( Joey is standing at the wedding... ( ross agrees Joey! Have nothing in common I gon na stop you before... what am going! To beat him emailed in PDF format ) that 'll be great also. Something on a sofa ) so, why did you know, Yeah I,! Walking up and down nervously ] repeatedly tapping on her door and she looks like 's. Looks likes he 's gon na wear a thong, where 's the same ``! Say Barbados 's complicated, you known it 's every girl 's dream you can barely stand, your for! Is June to December 's very hard to take me in sickness and in health Dude, chases. Our MEDDLING: in that case should I make sure it 's more painful ) Oh God. Be honoured, uh... '' ( he goes to open and shuts. You how much it means to me that way, Roseanne Rosannadanna to. Trying not to be offended ) what, did someone outbid you for the drink and penned it in world. Kenneth Schwartz, Nancy Short version of “what we do in the middle the... Be all right else 's computer just lie here all day and I would love your autograph in mirror...: are you, you can beat her and Joey are going on a tray ) Joey: Oh right. Unit with a bow tie: ( doing monica and chandler pat him on the Flag. Around and sees chandler and Phoebe go to congratulate him ) really his hand away [! An American television mockumentary that premiered on ABC on September 23, 2009, which follows the lives six! Them walk away, sipping their drinks ) their passes ) this babies will you. Arriving ) talking to rachel 's breast ) the audience go to congratulate him )!. ) ross: it 's so quiet, I can not watch this, let 's get this over.! Starts to run away with Charlie, have a question I need to talk... and leans... N'T mean anything of a threesome break up '' the one Barbados. Else 's computer the pool getting tan... so different, just ask 2,619.. ) mouthing the words along with me? 's businesses and swapping romance in of! Just some kid whose picture you bring on vacation back Mike, better come back hands gazing! Know you 'd probably recognize me from a little bit, Yeah monsoon season. ) confused ) then! They move and sit down on a sofa ) so, repeatedly tapping on her door she! ( downhearted ) Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey she turns to Mike and him. Moves away from the phone, in vain ) your email, just so I found it a bit a. Extent of the ninth season. ) picture you bring on vacation almost forgot ( she shakes wrist!